Coaching Testimonials

Maya’s help with my relationship issues has been absolutely invaluable. She is an amazing listener and has the ability to pinpoint the deeper issues in a situation with laser-like precision. The combination of deep intuition, clarity and compassion that she offers is truly a rare gift. With Maya’s help I have come to see that if you address the root of a problem, you can make real positive changes in your life, take control of a situation and find hope and solutions where you hadn’t seen any before. I am deeply grateful for Maya’s support and couldn’t recommend her work more highly.
— P. - Psychotherapist
I would highly recommend Maya for her truthful, direct and insightful approach. Maya offers an original and hugely constructive take on relationships that has the potential to overcome ingrained resistance and help people achieve positive change.
— R. - Writer
Maya has an amazing intuition and ability to deeply understand the human condition - with all it’s many complexities! I arrived thinking my relationship with my partner was destined to fail but from our first session she understood me, and the situation that I was in. She was able to give me insight into myself and my relationship and I felt like she opened my eyes and gave me clarity. The best part for me was that she gave me really practical advice on how to change my negative behaviour and empowered me to come back to a loving place. I left feeling much more positive about my relationship than when I arrived, armed with new ways to make things better.
— L. - Mother of Three
Maya gets you thinking about conflict with a new perspective. She works to transform pain and anger into compassion and love and to shift your approach. She opens up the possibility for reconnection. Highly recommended.
— P – Public Relations Executive
Both my girlfriend and I saw Maya separately - as she prefers to work one on one. We both found her insights to be hugely valuable. She has amazing instincts about the challenges and common misunderstandings between men and women. She was able to translate for me what my girlfriend was trying to express. This helped me clarify a lot of confusion between us. Our communication has been much better since then. Sometimes we slip into old patterns of communication. We then usually schedule a session with Maya. We are very grateful to her for her wisdom and support and wish that we lived closer.
— Oliver - Designer
I went to Maya because my 15-year marriage was stuck in communication patterns that caused hurt and frustration on both sides. Even though my partner did not meet with Maya about this, I have been able to use her guidance to transform old patterns between us by changing my behaviour and adopting new language that is less accusatory and more understanding. Maya’s intuitive insights and compassion for both my own and my partner’s perspectives, along with her ability to hone in on the simple things I could do to transcend and completely bypass the frustrating conversations, have blown me away.
Highly recommended.
— D – Programme Manager
Maya has worked with me on several occasions to help improve relationships with which I have been struggling. Her communication is direct, yet gentle and nonjudgmental and she has the ability to get to the core of an issue quickly whilst still proceeding at a pace that feels comfortable. What I value most about Maya’s approach is that she restores a sense of agency and control, allowing one to see and find a way forward even when circumstances feel entrenched and insurmountable. She is a wise guide.
— S. - Events Organizer
Maya has a vast knowledge and understanding of relationships. She has been a guide that has helped me become aware of the different communication styles and attitudes that can exist between two people – especially a man and a woman – and this awareness has helped me greatly in the on-going challenges I face in my relationship.
— N. - Artisan