About Me

My healing instincts and insight into the human condition have been with me since childhood. Exploring ways to heal the body and to promote understanding and compassion in our relationships and in our lives has been my lifelong focus.

As a relationship coach I have studied or trained with some of the leading relationship psychotherapists and coaches including Dr. Harville Hendrix, Dr. Susan Johnson, Bruce Muzik, Byron Katie, John Gray and Hugh and Gayle Prather among others. Whilst my years of training and research have shaped how I work and provided me with tried and tested strategies to create harmonious and loving relationships, it is my own personal work around intimacy, love and challenging family dynamics that has given me a deep understanding of relationship dynamics and how to effectively transform negative dynamics into more loving and positive ones.

As a body therapist my initial training and the foundation of my work today was in northern style traditional Thai massage. In 1999 I began my training in Thailand with the late Asokananda - a pioneer in bringing the art of Thai Massage to a western audience. I have since trained with many leading practitioners in diverse modalities including deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, acupressure and Reiki.

Aside from my relationship coaching and body therapy practice, I am also a media and campaigns consultant with over twenty years experience working with non-profit organisations, corporate clients and campaign groups across the globe.

I am married with three daughters.