Transformational Relationship Coaching is an effective, solution-oriented approach that can support you in transforming your relationship. As the way you approach your partner and the relationship shifts you will experience more harmony, joy, understanding and connection.

It is particularly useful if you are:

  • Stuck in a rut in your relationship(s) and looking for new ways to reconnect.

  • Feeling resentful, unheard, misunderstood, powerless, angry, under-valued, overwhelmed, ignored, weak, unloved, unloving or despondent in your relationships and are ready to release yourself from the grip of these negative emotions.

  • Experiencing a communication breakdown and want to find new strategies that can promote harmony and mutual understanding.

  • Facing a crisis in your relationship and need guidance on the most constructive way forward.

The Process

Through a focus on mindsets, attitudes and our own emotional responses, I guide you through a positive and empowering process that can shift habitual and negative patterns of relating. Working on a one on one basis, we will together explore how our mindsets can create tension, stress and disharmony in our relationships, causing us to shut down emotionally, and what we can do to shift this.

I will offer you fresh perspectives on your dynamics as well as concrete strategies that enable you to make real and tangible changes in your relationships. As you move away from blame, powerlessness, anger, doubt, fear and resentment you will begin to be able to relate in a more joyous, loving and compassionate way.

My approach is based on the principle that the first step to transforming any relationship dynamic is to first observe one’s own actions and reactions. As we let go of mindsets that create disconnection and tension within us and in our relationships, we free ourselves to relate in a more open, loving and honest way. The ripple effect of this on our relationships can be truly transformative.

The beauty of this approach is that you don’t necessarily need buy in from your partner or whoever it is in your life that you are struggling with.

You may have seen that I am also a highly experienced holistic body therapist and whilst the coaching process usually relies on verbal communication only, I may sometimes use healing touch to calm the nervous system and to assist my clients to communicate more freely and easily if this is what is needed. This element is entirely optional.

An initial phone assessment, which I offer free of charge, is recommended to see if my approach resonates with you. If appropriate, we can then schedule an initial session, where we explore in more depth your particular relationship struggles and how we intend to work together. If you choose to commit to the process, three to five follow up sessions are recommended. These can, of course, be extended if advice and support is still needed.