Body Therapy Testimonials

Maya is a highly skilled and intuitive therapist. Her sessions are very powerful and healing with long-term benefits. I would highly recommend her.
— Leo Regan - Director and Cinematographer
I’ve never had a treatment quite like this before. It’s much more than a massage and uses a variety of techniques. Maya also uses her feet and elbows to manipulate and stretch the body. I found it invigorating and came away feeling energized and clear-headed. She is very intuitive and worked in tune with my body. Its hard to explain what she does, you just have to try it. Strongly recommended.
— Danny Scheinmann - Novelist and Executive Coach
Maya’s grounded yet intuitive approach has made sessions with her some of the most deeply healing bodywork I have ever experienced. She has a rare gift of presence and skill that enables a depth of exploration that is both safe and powerfully transformative.
— Fiona Simpson - Craniosacral Therapist & Supervisor
I went to Maya for Thai Yoga Massage as I wanted to work on my flexibility, having sampled her skill in a yoga workshop elsewhere. Maya was absolutely fantastic - she places you in different positions and works on increasing the range of movement. She works every part of your body and clearly knows exactly what she is doing - I felt longer and almost lighter afterwards. What she did on my back was, quite frankly, the best back experience I have ever had. This is not massage and neither is it yoga, but a wonderful combination of movements and extended stretches that leave you feeling wonderful and wanting to come back for more.
— Lidunka Vocadlo - Professor of Mineral Physics, University College London
I started seeing Maya because I had pain in my hip and legs. After the first session I noticed a real improvement. Not only had the pain reduced but overall I felt much more alive and well than I had for a long time. I have continued to see her regularly as I feel my body really benefits from this work. I wish that I had found out about her earlier as I would not have had to deal with so much physical discomfort for so long.
— Ricky Jefferson - Director, Wood that Works
Maya spent a day at Brookfield Primary School contributing to our staff well-being week. The feedback from the staff was overwhelmingly positive, one member of staff described her session as ‘life changing’ and another ‘transformative’. Of all the activities we arranged for the week, Maya’s were the most talked about and appeared to have had a significant impact.
— Laurel Fleck - Deputy Head, Brookfield Primary School, Camden
Maya’s massages have become an essential part of my well-being routine and as such they are as important as sleep, healthy food and exercise. As a yoga teacher, I move a lot, and I relish not having to do anything whilst Maya stretches and manipulates my body. I especially enjoy her pressure point work, which acts to release tension and unblock energy – a process that can be quite emotional at times! Maya is amazing at reading people and bodies. She takes time to listen and her touch is firm yet mindful. Most importantly you feel safe in her hands.
— Claudia Kretzschmar - Yoga Teacher, Yoga in Highgate
I wish I could book in with Maya every week. My body feels so good after an hour with her. She genuinely has healing hands. As a Pilates instructor I put my body through its paces and sometimes I really need an experienced professional to release any stored tension and tightness. Maya is just the ticket. I have tried a lot of Massage therapists in my life and until now I have not found anyone that is able to release tension and work the body is such an effective and intuitive way as she does. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Anna Longmuir - Pilates Instructor, Harmony Pilates Highgate
I regularly attend Maya and Claudia’s Aroma Thai Yoga workshops. I have never experienced anything quite like them before. Its like you enter a cocoon and come out feeling supple, more relaxed and yet energized and grounded. I especially enjoy the way she uses gentle pressure to help you go deeper into the yoga postures.
— Dan Katz - Chairman, Cedarwood Management Services